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5 Docklets, plug-in for ObjectDock

here are 5 Docklets for ObjectDock, it allows to have a better experience with your Dock, the possibility to activate the start menu function, mask and unmask the Windows task bar or else display the system tray.

Start Menu, enable the start menu of your Dock

ObjectDock Tray, show you the active programs in the system tray

Show Desktop, allow to have a quick access of your desktop (minimize active windows)

Toggle Bar, this plug-in allow to mask, unmask the Windows task bar

Power, reserved to laptop computer users, it allows to view the battery level

To install a docklet, double click on a downloaded file (the program will be installed in the following path "C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\Docklets") To use a docklet, right click on your Dock (in a space without icons) then click on "add" (you will see a list of installed docklets), now select the docklet you want...

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