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Ultimate Sonic
A flash version of the mythic game from Sega
It still the winter time! Make snowballs and kill your ennemies
Ogog alive
You are a prehistoric man, who must find what to eat, to arrive there it will be necessary to be inventive! (council: to follow the assistance of the play).

Plumber 2
You are the plumber of service! and consequently you must repair the drains, attention with the headache.
Micro life
In the Tamagoshi spirit (in simpler), you must raise small thing and protect them from other malicious thing.
The goal is to associate tiles the identical reasons so that they disappear from the plate, until the adventure playground is completely empty.
Crimson viper
Attention eyes! Here a play all in 3D in which you control a vessel of the hunter type. To test absolutely!!!
Here a superb play of naval battle, you will be able to measure you with your computer and to try to gain the part.
XiaoXiao 4
In the XiaoXiao series here the version shot, you are Stickman and you must do the housework in the reference mark of the malicious ones.
War 4
A very realistic play of shot where you wish to belong to a gang to enter there you must prove reliable and butt 30 guy in less 90s.
Turkey shooter
A play of shot where you owe flinguer a maximum of poultry. Graphics are sympathetic
Puissance 4
Still a mythical play that everyone knows! You must align 4 tokens before your adversary.
But which did not know Pacman?! You are small a glouton and you must devour all that traine without you to make eat by the phantoms.
Gimp roulette
It is a play of Russian roulette! You are vis-a-vis Gimp and each one your turn you try not to die of a ball in the head.
It is about the mythical play which you undoubtedly played in your childhood, you must reproduce the sounds emitted by the machine.
Mad Shark
You are a large white shark, your powerful jaw will allow you to shred the plungers which furrow sea-beds.
You must move rectangles in a logical order in order to leave the blue rectangle, that will allow you to pass at the higher level.
XiaoXiao 9
You are a Stickman alone against all! play type of platform you advance in the levels by breaking the mouth of your adversaries.

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